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MiPi makes it easy to sync your existing portfolio so you can focus more on the creating.

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All the ways to get data into MiPi

MiPi keeps your data safe with the latest technology of encryption. You control what you want to share with us to build your masterpiece.

Connect and sync your data

Sync data from your current social media apps, Shopify, Instagram, Google, Adobe, LinkedIn or even upload each file into your gallery.

Analyze usage trends

After the gallery is created, you can see the ratio of content is being shared externally from referrals. Once you have shared your MiPi portfolio on other platforms you will start seeing those eyes on your work!

Launch with the best portfolio

Launch the best portfolio without having to set up an entire website. Spend less time and integrate with programs you already have.

Power editor

Build high-performance portfolios

A portfolio without the website. A network to build it with? Endless. Customize your portfolio with a few of these power components ready to take your creativity to the next level.

Connected Friends

There is your followers then your friends you collaborate with. Keep the friends connected easier and organized.


Create your own hero to attract users to your page. A classic essential component.


Showcase the companies you worked with large and small. Even other artists and highlight them.


Connect and create a marketplace with MiPi. Sell your work instantly on your page without figuring out all the hard stuff.


The gallery is where the heart resides! People can look at all your work under one place.

Location Shares

A location feed to feature your events! Tell your audience where you'll be next. Have a tour? Add it to your page.

Case Studies

Your work that you have tested out in the field for a company or individual. Showcase its success to your audience.

Direct Message

People can message you directly on your page. If they want to get in direct contact with you they can even go as far as book a call with you.
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